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We're an honest seller who's at China dealing with this deisgner phone cases business for years with reliable reputation and thousands of returning customers.

We listed the below Frequently Asked Quesitons (FAQ) that you may be interested in:

  • * Where are you located and hong long will it takes to deliver? -- W're located at China, far away from the West. So it takes about 2 ~ 3 weeks for the parcel to arrive at USA, or 2 ~ 4 week to Europe and other countries. By the way, if it's hot season (like Christmas), it may take a little longer.

  • * Am i safe if i pay by credi card? -- The answer is definitely YES! Because you can ask your bank to charge back the money anytime in 180 days since you place the order if the seller doesn't ship the goods or doesn't solve the problem if any.

  • * Is your product 'Authentic'? -- All our products are 'Replica' (Knock-off or Copies). If you want to get a certificate from the offical company, we're sorry we can't, please think twice before you buy. But if you're looking for a luxury with cheap price and good quality, then congratulations, here we're your right choice!

  • * What if i'm NOT happy with your product? -- Rest assured and keep in mind, 100% happy shopping is always guaranteed in our store! If you find that you receive the damaged products, or the wrong item, or the item has significant difference from the advertisement, NO Worries, we'll be absolutely responsible!

  • * What payment methods do you accpet?  

    0, If you're from OUTSIDE North America, then you can pay by Credit Cards (Visa or Master) 

    1, If you're from USA or Canada, for now we can only accept Western Union as the payment way!

        We know it is kind of inconvenient, but credit card companies from north ameria now will NOT allow the customers to use credit cards to trade goods with famous brands (like Louis Vuitton), or they'll make a severe punish on the seller (nomrally it will be more than thousands of dollars on just one order).

    2, Why do we NOT accept Paypal either? You know Paypal prohibits any deals that infringe the intellectual property too. If it happens, they'll suspend or terminate the seller's account too, FOREVER!

    3, Now here comes what you're mostly interested: What if you find you're scammed after you send the money by western union? 

    3.1 No matter you know us or not, it's easy to deal with, just report our site to the company who owns the brand, they'll immediately ask the government and shut down our site!

    3.2 Please keep in mind, we'll NOT screw up a forest (we need lots of money and energy to run this site) for just one tiny tree.

    3.3 In the end, we're an HONEST seller, you'll find it yourself when you have made the first deal with us.

Gucci iPhone 6 Plus Case Gucci iPhone 6 Plus Case