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Designer Gucci Hard Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6

Designer Gucci Protective Hard Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S 6
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Fashion Gucci Design Phone Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S6

protects your phone from shock, damage, dusts or scratches

Easy access to all buttons and ports without having to remove the case


Samsung Galaxy S6 - the iPhone killer

With its super-fast processor, brilliant camera and wireless charging, Samsung’s latest flagship is the best phone it’s ever made

Samsung’s hit a home run with its latest flagship smartphone that’s very fast, all metal and glass, and finally matches rival’s craftsmanship. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian

The Galaxy S6 is the latest flagship Android smartphone from Samsung, a design-focused all-metal and glass powerhouse with one of the best cameras to date.

The S6 comes in two varieties: one traditional flat smartphone and one with curved edges to the screen, the S6 Edge.

The follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S5, which had cutting edge technology but lacked a premium design and feel, the S6 continues the Korean company’s reinvention of the look and feel of its smartphones and tablets.

The S6 takes the simple design and solid feel of Samsung’s Alpha and ditches all plastic, relying solely on aluminium and glass for its outside shell.


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Gucci iPhone 6 Plus Case Gucci iPhone 6 Plus Case