Best Gucci iPhone 6 Plus Case!

Galaxy S6 Edge + Leather Wallet Cover w/ Card Holders

Gucci Leather Wallet Cover with Card Holders For Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
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Premium Quality Gucci Leather Case with Great Craftsmanship!

Designed Specifically for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 2015 Release

Protect your deivce from the scratch and other kinds of hurts

Elegant Wallet Design with Holders for ID and Credit Card


And so to the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. As the name suggests, this is a larger version of the regular Edge, adding 0.6 inches to the screen, and is the replacement for the Galaxy Note 4. This doesn't sound like much, but the extra size and weight makes handling the Plus a lesson in dexterity and, given it's made of glass, an expensive lesson if the worst should happen.



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Gucci iPhone 6 Plus Case Gucci iPhone 6 Plus Case